Built To Be Your Boat For As Long As You Fish

Providing shallow water anglers with the softest and quietest performing skiff on the water.

Created entirely out of resin-infused Carbon Innegra, this new skiff is set to make its mark. This skiff is arguably the most thoughtfully designed skiff that can be customized exactly to your liking.


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A new approach to the Skiff Market

The Reel Innovative, Islamorada Boatworks 18 Morada

Avoid the Sea of Sameness

When we decided to develop an 18’ poling skiff we set some pretty high requirements for our creation.

The skiff needed to do these 3 main things effortlessly:


Provide a mind-boggling soft ride in rough conditions – no less unexplainably perfect than the 24 Morada as witnessed by anyone who has ridden our proven hull over the past 35 years.

Reduce the 20-degree aft deadrise to 12 degrees, eliminate 1 lifting strake per side, lower the freeboard, carry the outer chine all the way forward underwater, and modify the lamination schedule to reduce weight. Makes a lot of sense to us.


Provide an equally functional dry ride – without utilizing the industry standard “mudflap” or “hangover” side hull feature to knock water downward.

We believe that water should be redirected downward under the boat before it gets the chance to travel up the hullside. This is precisely how our 24 Morada is so bone dry, so why not the same for our 18 Morada?


Provide an ultra, stealth-like quietness on the prowl – whether sliding silently after bonefish or redfish or chasing our favorite pre-historic, silver-plated beasts oceanside. Reverse the outer chine significantly, lower it as it goes forward, and keep it beneath the waterline to avoid the dreaded slap, bang, & pop of some other shallow water skiffs.

Beyond those absolutely necessary performance characteristics, we utilized our collective boat building experience to create some Reel Innovative design features:

Carbon Innegra, Resin Infusion Construction. Simply put this is the very best way to build a boat – Resin Infusion, and with the very best material – Carbon Innegra.

Lighter, Stronger, and Absorbs the slightest impacts from wave action better than any other material currently available.

All Carbons are not universally the same. Carbon by itself is brittle and will shatter and crack under certain circumstances. The Innegra provides the subtle flexibility that straight carbon can benefit from.

And all of our Morada 18s are 100% Carbon Innegra – not 20,30, 50 or some other percentage. Deck Cap, Cockpit Liner, and Hull – why not?

Some popular skiff buiders offer “Carbon” models but don’t even tell you what part of the boat is carbon. Somewhat strange.


Trim Tab leading edges completely recessed against the underside of the hull with the trim tab plates running aft off the transom in order to extend the effective length of the running surface without adding additional weight.

A slightly crowned transom to assist in spinning her on the pole and helps reduce wave slap noise and force on the stern when drifting downwind or staked out.

Morada 18 Hull

Why not drain all 4 of the aft hatch gutters into 1 central under deck drainage system directly overboard and eliminate fittings, hoses, and hose clamps that only cause maintenance over time? We have years of building this feature into our Stuart Boatworks boats.

Instead of installing a post-production PVC toe rail on the bow to help control runaway fly line or installing some other add-on line saver, why not design a classic Sportfisherman style toe rail onto the foredeck? Beautiful and functional. Again, we have years of building our Stuart Boatworks boats with this classic feature.

Skiff consoles are getting taller to allow for the flush mounting of Multi-Function Displays. To some these taller consoles detract from the overall low-profile style of skiffs. While we too offer this option in lieu of our standard height console, why not design a console that has a small electric actuator inside that easily raises and lowers a flush mounting electronics surface like many of the custom Stuart-built Sportfisherman have? If you want it, we can build it.

In the up position you can adjust the viewing position of the display to your particular preference, whether standing or seated. In the down position your expensive MFD will be protected from the elements and out-of-sight of any potential theft.

Other more subtle Innovations abound:

  • (2) Cockpit Sole Drains – 1 in each corner – no more dealing with water accumulation in one corner with your skiff on its’ trailer on an uneven surface, etc.
  • (2) Aft Recessed Yeti-tumbler sized Drink Holders integrated into the Cockpit Liner providing additional strength to the Liner as well as eliminating the dreaded spilled beer can!
  • Gunnels wide enough to entirely cover your horizontally stowed rods below to significantly reduce damage to your rods as well as help eliminate random damage to your legs from exposed hooks – all while providing ultra wide gunnels to walk as desired.
  • A forward fuel tank whose upper surface does not exceed the height of the skiff’s stringer tops  thereby providing massive flush storage throughout the forward storage compartment.
  • LED battery state-of-charge readouts at the helm – never have to guess again about the status of your starting/house battery or trolling motor batteries.
  • Foldable helm cushion that folds inside either aft compartment.  Another subtle, creative idea that just makes sense.
  • A thoughtfully designed foredeck – the most important casting area for sight casting anglers. One of the most popular 18’ skiffs in terms of sales volume has a 70” long foredeck and an 88” long cockpit. We value the foredeck so much that our fordeck is 80” long and our cockpit is only 75” long. We don’t buy a skiff to fish out of the cockpit.

Foredeck functionality also relates to designing ergonomically comfortable features such as the height from the cockpit sole to step up to the foredeck. Some popular skiffs have a height of 17.5” to reach the foredeck – WOW!

OSHA has a maximum permissible height of commercial stairs to be 9”. Obviously boats are not buildings, but think about the difference in comfort in getting up and down multiple times during a day.

Our 24 Morada has a foredeck height of 14” and it has been accepted nicely since the mid 80’s. As a result our new 18’ Morada also has a height of 14” from the cockpit sole to the foredeck. We fished it for the past 3 years and have also owned and fished other brands for years and we are sure this sounds like a minor issue. Long hot days on the water sight fishing requires great stamina and the less fatigue that your skiff causes, certainly the better prepared you will be.

Whether you want a very special skiff to slip into your garage or a beautiful tender to match your big boat, you owe it to yourself to come see our all new, Reel Innovative, Islamorada Boatworks 18 Morada…..and enjoy the most thoughtfully designed, finest skiff built for yourself.


A Resin Infused, Carbon Innegra constructed, Work of Art.

Latest Launch – 18 Morada

Learn what sets this skiff apart from the crowd!

Morada 18


LOA – 17’10”

Beam – 6′ 6″

Draft (hull only) – 7″ – 9″

Deadrise – 12°

Weight (Dry Hull Only) – 695

Max Hp – 115 hp

Fuel cap – 28 gal

    Standard Features


    Carbon Innegra Hull, Deck, & Liner Resin-infused Hull, Deck & Cockpit
    Dense foam-cored Stringer system infused into the hull 100% Vinyl ester resin
    28-gallon powder-coated baffled aluminum tank 35-gallon insulated livewell with fully adjustable water capability 
    Heavy-duty black rubber rub rail with insert Four aft hatch gutters drain into the central gutter & overboard
    Stainless steel gas shocks Under gunwale rod storage up to 14 rods, 9′ length
    Cockpit sides and rod racks with SeaDeck covering Anodized aluminum poling platform with SeaDeck top surface and LED stern light
    Aft deck seat cushion folds and fits in aft compartments Livewell plumbed with 1100 GPH pump
    Bilge pump, Rule automatic 1500 GPH, and digital ultra float switch XS power battery with a switch inside the console
    Hydraulic steering Removable push pole holders
    Livorsi LED navigation lights in hull sides Stainless steel prop
    Tachometer Fuel/water separator
    Lenco Electric trim tabs with indicator lights Schmidt stainless wheel with knob
    LED under gunnel and locker lights All Hardware 316 Stainless
    (1) stainless steel 4″ pull-up cleat on forward deck Stainless steel HD bow eye (1) and stern eye (2)
    Console with forward insulated cooler seat and cushions – hi-density closed-cell foam Cockpit drains (2) – (1) in each aft corner
    (2) integrated large capacity cup holders


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    Need More Size?

    Built for stealth and accessibility in shallow water and touted as the ultimate bay boat, the Morada 24 is on a level all its own.This bay boat can pick its way through three-foot chop just as easily as it can slip into a school of redfish.

    Working in shallow water is what we do.

    The design of our Morada 24 bay boat is over 35 years in the making. Not to be outdone, our smaller skiffs are quickly making their mark on the shallow water market as well.

    If you've got a question for our team, or want to get started on a build, reach out to us today.

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