It was the mid 1980s, and big hair and rough running boats were all the rage. A bass boat builder on Florida’s Gulf Coast set out on a mission to build the world’s best overall performing vessel.


Building the perfect shallow water boat requires attention to detail, well laid plans and a whole lot of ingenuity. The team set out to accomplish their design using a set of non-negotiable parameters that would make the boat undeniably perfect.

The process took two years of trial and error by a team of six engineers before the perfect design was completed.




  • The boat needed to come on plane effortlessly and rapidly with bare minimal bow rise.
  • It needed to be able to run wide open and respond properly to a very high-speed, hard-over turn without “catching an edge” or doing anything unpredictable.
  • It needed to ride over extreme chop with breaking wave tops in severe winds and never pound nor allow any spray into the cockpit while doing so (not even aft of the helm area).
  • It needed to sit stable and level even with all of the movable weight onboard located on the windward side to a beam sea.
  • It needed to not “stuff” into a following sea or the into the steep face of a head sea. All while having a mere 17” interior freeboard height.
  • It did NOT need to be the fastest boat in its class, but it still needed to produce a good turn of speed at WOT.


After being marketed under 3-4 different brand names, this unimaginable bay boat finds itself in Stuart, Florida. Today, the boats are being built by the same craftsmen that produce the Stuart Boatworks 23’ and 27’ premier offshore center consoles.

Many of the build techniques and materials that Stuart Boatworks incorporates into their Lifetime boats have been inherited by the Islamorada Boatworks 24 Morada which provides for an even higher degree of structural integrity than in the past.



How Many Morada 24's do you build each year?

We are currently building between 12 and 15 per year.

Why don’t I see more pre-owned 24 Moradas on the market?

Because most people that step up to investing in a 24 Morada have owned lesser priced, lower quality bay boats before and intend to keep their 24 Morada for many years. Also, because we are a very limited volume builder.

Was the Morada 24 designed by Stuart Boatworks?

No, we purchased the brand in 2018. It has been built as an Islamorada Boatworks boat since 2014.

Prior to that, the original design dates back to the mid 1980s.

Is the Morada 24 only built in fiberglass or is there a Carbon version available as well?

We resin infuse our standard boat using primarily E-glass. We do offer the boat built out of Carbon Innegra, which is the most advanced carbon in the boat building industry at this time.

It provides a degree of flexibility to carbon that carbon alone does not provide. You can select the hull, the deck, or both to be built out of Carbon Innegra.

What advantages are gained by building the 24 out of Carbon Innegra?

The boat weighs approximately 20% lighter (approximately 550 lbs.). It is approximately 25% stronger than our already rock-solid E-glass, resin Infused boat.

The draft is reduced by perhaps a few inches, and the boat is likely slightly more fuel efficient as well.

Working in shallow water is what we do.

The design of our Morada 24 bay boat is over 35 years in the making. Not to be outdone, our smaller skiffs are quickly making their mark on the shallow water market as well.

If you've got a question for our team, or want to get started on a build, reach out to us today.

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